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BeFitKids Program Overview

The BeFitKids Project announces new internet cloud based Childhood Obesity Screening and Personalized Health Education Program to be used in conjunction with the ELG Metabolic Analyzer.

After assessing the body composition and metabolic analysis for each student, the elegant and sophisticated BeFitKids Website offers flexible, highly personalized, and interactive health education tools for school aged children focused on nutrition, exercise, and learning to live healthy.

ELG Demo

Accurately screening for and reducing Childhood Obesity is the single most important Holy Grail issue for future preventive medicine efforts in the United States. Professional preventive medicine is now the most viable future strategy to improve the overall, long term health of our population and is the last best hope to reduce economically ruinous health care cost inflation. BeFitKids is an internet based Wellness and Child Health Education Program designed to significantly leverage teachers' and schools' abilities to accurately and efficiently integrate a professional, scientifically valid program.

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