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Utility Center

Online Games

The Game Center is a fun and interactive array of simple educational Video Games. The Center focuses on a wide variety of Games centered on Nutrition, Exercise and General Health and Wellness.

Fueled For Fun!

When you choose nutrient-rich foods for Sophia or Billy, they get a high-quality energy boost and run faster. The more nutrient-rich foods you choose, the faster they run. Nutrient-rich foods give Billy and Sophia the most vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for the fewest calories. Click Here to help Sophia or Billy.

5 A Day Challenge

Do you have what it takes to get your five fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food?

Build a Meal

Travel with Kevin from the kitchen, school cafeteria and grocery store as he races the clock to build the perfect meal. Good luck!

Bon Apetite Arcade Game

Explorers make meals that have foods from each of the food groups. How many balanced meals can you make? Good Luck!

Chef Solus Cooking Academy

Chef Solus is a five star chef. He loves to cook and Solus Pancakes is one of his favorite recipes. Join his cooking school and learn how to make your own pancakes. Get extra points for substituting healthier foods in your recipe and earn an A+!

Pyramid Panic Arcade Game

Chef Solus is trying to make his way home from the pyramid in the jungle. He is hungry and needs to make some meals. Help Chef Solus find foods to make a healthy balanced meal. Careful, there are fatty or sugary foods trying to stop him. Good luck!

Explorers Fill the Sink with Bubbles

Chef Solus reminds all explorers that it is very important to wash their hands before and after touching food. But the explorers need soap before they can start washing their hands. Help them add the soap!

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