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The mission of the BeFitKids project is to develop, test and implement a turnkey diagnostic hardware and Website software System that can be used by school systems and their students and organizations like the YMCA for the scientifically valid and efficient screening for obesity in children ages ten to eighteen.

After assessing the fitness level and health risks for each individual student, the BeFitKids Website offers flexible, highly personalized and interactive health education tools for teachers and for school aged children. Screening for and treating childhood obesity is the single most important issue for future preventive medicine efforts. Professional preventive medicine is the most viable future strategy to improve the overall health of the U.S. population and to reduce out of control and economically ruinous health care cost inflation.

To read more about the Preventive Medicine Clinical technology that provides the foundation of the BeFitKids System, including a description of the non-invasive, FDA registered, safe and proprietary ELG III Metabolic Analyzer and its scientific validity data, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

For more information on BeFitKids, go to this link: Childhood Obesity Prevention Project (PDF 238K)

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